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Then how do ah ? Three Grandpa, you had better save him mulberry outlet ah, he is the best Jieer best friend. Xu Jie Er pair of white and little hands grabbed the old man 's sleeve, stop shaking, eyes being filled with the color of anxiety. The old man glanced Xu Jie Er, the latter looking red face pain, subconsciously let go of hands, the old man quipped: a friend or sweetheart ? Three Grandpa mulberry purse What say ah ? mulberry purse He really is a good friend, three fast- grandfather Anyway ah. Xu Jie Er looked dodgy eyes, the old man 's mind more to prove himself among the helpless, old Yi Tan said : can not save, if he 's lucky, the gas dispute within two months have equal shares property, the last in the gas can be turned into a no ordinary people, this is the best, at least he does not die.
Xu Jie Er one, suddenly blindsided, water gradually red eyes, tears running down his face pecking carved jade powder fall down. Xu Jie Er so sad to see the old man slightly surprised, to live in the world for so many canada goose years, the old man does not understand how could feel the promise Jieer here. Oh ~ old man heaved a sigh, heart and said: girl, mulberry outlet uk in this life be destroyed in this kid bodies. Although not bear to see Xu Jie Er so sad that there is no way the old man, practicing for many years, the old man and the natural gas Budokan understanding unfathomable, if there is a way, mulberry purse nor patience Xu Jie Er so sad.
They did not speak, only to hear where Xu Jie Er kept sobbing. Xu Jie Er looked at Moran lying on the ground, eyes full of concern and tenderness, however, Moran 's physical condition is to let mulberry purse into the extreme grief. Such as onion -like Moran 's hand brushed his forehead, slid to cover its stand in the face of messy black gas, so that Moran is not handsome but very resolute face has revealed, Xu Jie Er sounded pear wait a long while, the old man said softly : Three Grandpa, help mulberry purse find some water come?

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